The alternative domain for mobiles

Domains for Mobile Devices

D.MD is the user friendly alternative to .mobi. The easiest shortest domain to type into a mobile device (the first letters on keypads), and very very good value compared with .mobi. Registration is available for 2 to 5 years on a first come first served basis.

Welcome to the alternative domain for mobile devices.

Getting a domain for mobile content is easy - Simple, no complex process to go through. Purchase is on a first come first served basis for most generic words and phrases. Placenames, countries, international trademarks etc are reserved for those with obvious long standing primary rights or interests in those names. See name choices for more information.
Domains based on mobile phone numbers are reserved for the owners of those numbers and access is authorised by an SMS text. versus .mobi

4 key presses versus 8

Try entering (in web mode) on your mobile. It takes 4 presses, no mistakes. Try the same with mobi. It takes 8 presses, and sometimes mistakes will be made - your customers will think your website is broken. is far more intuitive and easier for your customers to type in. is easier.

.mobi has hardly gone well?

fair pricing or sophisticated cyber squatting?

It has been suggested that the sunrise ultra high charge was really just a sophisticated form of domain hijacking/cybersquatting. The result is the same - trademark holders have to pay far more than cost or going rate for something they have rights over. is fairer and better value.

vote with your feet (or your fingers!) addresses most of the gaps in the .mobi system. If a .mobi domain you should have rights over has been "hijacked", take a domain at less than a tenth of the cost - and advertise it like mad! is an excellent choice.

To order your domain just send a request to, we'll do the rest.

Mobile phone domains/ verified email addresses

So if your mobile no was 44 7770 500500, the domain is reserved for you. You can receive emails at this address free of charge, these are forwarded on as you request. Similarly you can repoint this to a website. (service available from 1st of December)


The email domains are free (with adverts) or GBP 2 per year without, and will be available from the 1st of September 2006 when the special 'verified' mobile email service goes live.

Unlimited webspace with mysql is available at a cost of GBP 25 per year. Excess Bandwidth charges apply at GBP 1 per GB, over 5GB (per month).

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